Friday, 11 April 2014

Upper Chapel appeal allowed - new houses given the go ahead despite local objections

The decision in the case of the planning appeal over the application to build 100 new homes at Upper Chapel has come through. The appeal has been allowed and permission for the new homes has been given.

As local residents will know, the detailed town framework plan discussed where new developments should go around the town and came to the conclusion that the area off Upper Chapel was the wrong area and could not be supported, mainly because it would make a bad highways situation even worse.

Sadly, the inspector has not supported this view. In his opinion, the congestion situation already exists, is not that bad and would not become much worse if the development gets the go ahead.

As for the town's stated preference for building in other areas, he says that the town framework plan is not sufficiently advanced and cannot be given weight. In its absence, there is nothing to say that this land is any worse than the land off the Link Road, and so the development will be allowed.

This is obviously hugely disappointing for all of us who fought long and hard against the application. I still believe that this development will do huge harm to the local area. I also believe that local people and local councillors should be given the power to decide where development goes. So long as we accept our fair share, we should have the reasonable power to decide on location. It would appear that the law on which this decision was based denies us that right.

Cornwall Council and the town council will have to reflect on the detailed reasoning given by the inspector. There is no further route of appeal in this case and so we must make the best of the development that will happen.

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