Wednesday, 16 April 2014

September 2014 reception class places - letters being sent out

There has been a slight improvement in the number of children in Cornwall who have been allocated a reception place at their first choice school. Letters to parents of reception age children across Cornwall will receive details of which school their child is due to attend in September today or tomorrow.

The Council received 5225 applications for new reception school places for pupils in Cornwall to start school in September 2014. Of those 4910 (94%) have been offered a place at their first preference school, with 315 pupils being allocated a place at either their second (169 pupils), or third (40 pupils) preference school.  This means that 97.9% of children have been allocated one of their three preferences.

106 pupils (2.1%) have not been allocated a place at either their first, second or third preference school, but at the nearest school to their home address with room.  All reception age pupils who applied for a school place in Cornwall have been allocated a place.

This is fractionally up on last year when 93.1% of children were allocated a place in their first preference school, with 97.5% being allocated one of their three preferences.

Based on the figures to date, there are 47 over subscribed primary schools for new reception September 2014 admissions in Cornwall. This is a similar number to the figure for the past two years, with 45 over subscribed schools in 2013, and 49 over subscribed schools in 2012. There has, however, been an increase in the number of schools which are full for new reception admissions in September 2014. 71 out of Cornwall’s 236 primary schools are full, compared with 60 schools in 2013.

The Council’s admissions team have received 247 late applications for new reception places so far this year, with further late admissions expected in the next few weeks. The deadline for the second round of applications is 2 May.

All parents who applied for a place by the deadline will receive a letter formally telling them about the place their child has been allocated. This letter will also have details of how to appeal or go on a waiting list. It is important, if a parent wishes to appeal, that they fill in the proper forms fully. It is more important to get them right and with all the information required than try to break any records for returning them, but you should not wait too long. Waiting lists will become active after May 2nd.

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