Thursday, 24 April 2014

Elan Homes want taxpayers to pay for their failings

At a time when Cornwall Council is having to make £196 million of savings over the next five years, it takes some nerve for a private company which is failing in its duty to local residents to suggest that council tax payers pick up after them.

But that is what Elan Homes, the developers of Kensey Valley Meadow in Launceston have done.

The roads and open spaces on the estate are due to be adopted (ie taken over) by the council. But only when the building work has been completed and the infrastructure brought up to scratch. The roads have now all be adopted, but the open spaces are still the responsibility of Elan Homes. Elan have told me that they have a contractor who cuts the grass and does the other grounds maintenance work once a month. Except, just as last year, we are at Easter and there still hasn't been any work on the estate. If I were Elan, I would be asking for my money back.

But this doesn't help the local residents who are struggling with grass which is two feet high and rising.

I have been pressing Elan Homes for action on this for a number of weeks. Eventually they replied with (inaccurate) claims about the work taking place once a month but also suggesting that if Cornwall Council wants action, perhaps taxpayers might like to pick up the expense.

This is incredible and totally unacceptable as a response. Local residents deserve to have a decent level of service from all those organisations who have a responsibility to provide them. If the council makes a mistake, I expect them to apologise and make good. The same should go for businesses such as Elan Homes. They were quick enough to take people's money when it came to selling the houses in the first place. But it seems they are unwilling to shell out for decent local services now that money is in the bank.

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