Monday, 14 April 2014

Cornwall's buses protected

In among all the cuts that the council is being forced to make in order to achieve £196 million of savings over the next five years, there are still some areas which we are able to protect. These are services which are considered to be so important that we cannot afford to lose them.

One of the services that Liberal Democrats have most championed is the local bus network. We have said that we will seek to protect lifeline services that allow those without access to cars to get around. Whilst some services are commercially viable, others rely on council subsidy. The council cannot afford to subsidise routes that aren't used, but when they are a vital lifeline we will do so.

The council has just been through a route tendering exercise - asking firms to bid to run various routes. This process isn't yet complete, but the overall picture is of no real cuts to the current level of service in the coming year.

So after years in which the bus route network has been cut back, I'm delighted that the Lib Dems in administration have been able to work with our Independent partners to halt the cuts. 

As we review all that the council does, buses will have to be considered alongside other services. But I think that being able to stabilise the current service level is a positive move.

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