Thursday, 13 March 2014

Working for Cornwall - Council launches films to show what we do for residents


I'm very proud to see the council launching a series of short films to demonstrate what it is that we do on behalf of residents and businesses and how we spend your council tax and the other money we take in.

The films are called 'Working for Cornwall' because that's what we do every day of the year.

The main film is five minutes long and there are three shorter films - all less than a minute - focussing on people, businesses and the environment. All the films present the views of local residents as well as showing the services we provide.

At a time when the council is having to make savings of £196 million, we still think it is important to communicate with residents to show that we are doing the basics day in - day out. In the past, this has tended to be with a brochure sent out alongside the council tax bill. That was big and expensive to post. By not producing it, we have saved around £35,000 in postage costs alone. The series of videos cost nothing in cash terms and have so far taken a combined total of about 24 hours of officer time - a much better investment.

We also want to listen to what you have to say to us. I'd encourage everyone to watch the videos and let me know what you think. The main video is embedded above. The rest can be found here, alongside more information.

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