Thursday, 20 March 2014

Tory MEP calls for drugs to be legalised and taxed

Local Conservative MEP Giles Chichester is calling for drugs to be decriminalised and taxed to raise money for the Treasury. In a letter to local papers, Mr Chichester, who has been an MEP since 1994 and is a former leader of the Tory MEPs, says:
"The war on drugs has not failed completely but needs to change to meet the demands of a new social order... Criminal prosecution is not solving the [drugs] problem. I can see a potential benefit to health by making recreational drugs available on prescription… I can see a potential reduction in crime by cutting out the illegal market in drugs."
"I could even see a fiscal benefit in taxing things like cannabis so as to put it on a par with alcohol and tobacco We need to consider what is happening in other countries to combat the spread of hard drugs. A Royal Commission to evaluate the evidence is, in my view, a step in the right direction."
The question for local Conservative Police Commissioner Tony Hogg is - does he agree with his party colleague that the war on drugs needs to change. Is he, and are local Conservative MPs and prospective MPs, supportive of a move to decriminalise and tax drugs?

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