Monday, 10 February 2014

Where's Sheryll?

South East Cornwall Tory MP Sheryll Murray was in all the photos during the visit by Prime Minister David Cameron to the village of Kingsand this afternoon. She managed to spare the time from her busy campaign trying to win votes for her cat to step out in front of the nation's media.

Sheryll was keen not to share any limelight with local councillor George Trubody. George has been a complete star throughout the flooding crisis, virtually living in Kingsand and helping out his constituents at every turn. But Sheryll sought to exclude him from the PM's visit. It was only when residents said that they would refuse to meet the PM if George wasn't there that Murray was forced to relent.

This evening, there was a second meeting in the village. George had brought together every single agency the could be involved in repairing and rebuilding Kingsand. The council was well represented, as were Cormac, the Environment Agency, local parish council, the local institute and residents. In fact, the only person missing was local MP Sheryll Murray. Back on the campaign trail?


Edwina Hannaford said...

Sheryll was in the pub in West Looe being interviewed by Channel 4 while we were in Kingsand supporting the community at the recovery drop in session.

Sheryll Murray "Working For Rame" said...

George met with the PM, I have the photos to prove it. I met Steve Foster and another Officer whils tthey were waiting to get a glimpse of the PM and they told me about the plans.
Edwina, I was keen to get the message out on national media that Cornwall is open for business. Some hardworking local businesses are struggling and need support during half term.

Cllr Bob Davidson said...

I am pleased to report that George Trubody joined Sheryll, the PM and other residents for a meeting in the cafe. George also is very clear in many of my photos as Sheryll and the PM surveyed the damage. Sheryll also used the opportunity to meet with officers of Cornwall Council to discuss the Council's plans before they went to the drop in session which was clearly marked on the poster on the cafe as a private meeting only for residents who had damaged property. Sheryll did go on channel 4 - she was keen to get the message out in the national media that Cornwall is open for business. Cornwall could really do with a successful half term.

Bob Skelly said...

I'm sorry, was kingsands the only place to suffer in the whole of The area Mrs Murray represents?. oe is it because it was handy for her hometown of Millbrook rather than hold meetings in places where others had suffered?.

Alex Folkes said...

Hi Sheryll and Bob, Yep the blog makes clear that George did meet the PM despite your attempts to exclude him. Delighted that you were spreading the 'Open for Business' message.

Charles Boney said...

Confirms what many are saying increasingly about Mrs Murray. The only thing she excels at is creating photocalls for herself. Real detail? Real depth? Real understanding of issues?
SE Cornwall needs someone better