Monday, 3 February 2014

Upper Chapel - Meeting the barrister

This morning, Adam Paynter and I had the chance to meet with Ned Helme, the barrister who will be presenting Cornwall Council's case at the planning inquiry into the application to build 100 new homes off Upper Chapel in Launceston. The application was opposed by the vast majority of local residents, by the town council and unanimously by Cornwall Council's strategic planning committee.

However, as is their right, the applicants have appealed and the decision will now be made by an inspector appointed by the Secretary of State after a full inquiry to be held from 18-21 March in Launceston town hall.

Cornwall Council will present its case through Mr Helme who will call witnesses. The applicant will also present a case and may call witnesses. It will be up to the inspector to decide, but it is expected that members of the public will also be able to have their say at some point during proceedings. Unfortunately, the timing of any such public evidence session won't be known until the inquiry starts. Anyone who does want to speak is therefore encouraged to come along at the start of the first day to find out when they can speak.

Also presenting their case will be the town council.

I'm delighted that Mr Helme is presenting our case. I found him today to be absolutely on top of his brief and he will get a lot of support from council planning and legal officers. I'm convinced that the council is doing its utmost to support the views of local people and the decision of the planning committee on this matter.

Apologies - an earlier version of this post said that the inquiry would be held from 16-19 March which is incorrect. Sorry for the mistake and thanks to the person who pointed out my error.

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