Friday, 14 February 2014

Plans to convert the Bridewell into flats

A planning application has been received to change the the current use of the Bridewell, on the junction of Dockacre Road and Kensey Hill, from a shop and restaurant into four single bedroom flats.

The current use of the building is La Bouche Creole restaurant and Just So fabrics and furnishings. There are also two flats above.

If you want to comment on this application, use the reference number PA14/00588 here.

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David said...

Of course they should go ahead with this, this is the sort of housing the town needs. And unlike the out-of-town 'settlements' built by the ghastly 'foreign' developers may actually use local businesses in it's construction. Incidentally there are so many more locations that could do with some development like Exeter Street, a run down area which stains the town with the mark of neglect going back many years. I do hope those businesses in this building on Prout's Corner will take opportunity to relocate into newly vacated shops which may have higher footfall.