Monday, 24 February 2014

Lib Dems bring half hour free parking to every Cornwall Council car park

Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council are continuing our series of parking offers with a new scheme offering free parking for half an hour in all Council run car parks. The offer, which begins on 1 March and runs until 20 April, has been developed in response to calls from many local businesses to allow people to make a flying visit to their local town centre.

This is the third major parking offer provided since the Liberal Democrats became part of the administration of the council back in May. It comes on the back of the budget put forward by our group last February promising cheaper parking - which was opposed by the Conservatives.

We want car parks to contribute to the competitive environment of our town centres, and the Council should manage the car parks to support local businesses.

Anyone wanting to take advantage of the offer will need to use the RingGo mobile phone payment service to register their free half hour. This is because it would be too costly to change all the legal notices for the trial.

Although this system is very easy to use, first time users will be required to provide some initial information and so they may find it easier to register online at

There will be no cost for the first half hour of parking or for using RingGo, but anyone who wants to have a text message sent to them to remind them of when the parking session is over or if they want to extend the parking session, will be charged for that message and any additional parking.

The free half hour parking is the latest in a series of car parking trials which are currently being implemented by the Council.

We have also seen cheaper season tickets rolled out in 45 towns and villages across Cornwall following the success of the trial scheme in Launceston.

We also saw cheaper pay and display charging trials in many towns including a £1 all day offer in the run up to Christmas in Launceston. Both Jade Farrington and I are currently campaigning for the trial to be extended to every Saturday as it was such a boost to town centre shops in December.

Cornwall Council cannot afford to make car parks free all day, every day. But under the influence of the Liberal Democrats, we are determined to bring parking charges down and to make sure they complement, not destroy town centres.

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DNP said...

Amidst all the cuts your administration is imposing, you boast of giving us 30 minutes free car parking? Clutching at straws!