Friday, 7 February 2014

Cornwall Tories Falling Out! (part 94)

You can't go five minutes without Cornwall's Conservatives falling out with each other.

Two days ago Tory group leader Fiona Ferguson appeared to tell a council committee that she backed a plan to move all council staff out of St Austell and over to Bodmin - directly contradicting a campaign supported by local Tory candidate Steve Double to keep staff in St Austell. (For the record, the council has already committed to maintaining staff levels in St Austell.)

Now she is saying that the deal to finally end the saga of council money being tied up in failed Icelandic banks may not be good news. But her deputy, Scott Mann, seems to take a different view. "An excellent result" was what he said to fellow councillors.

Of course, any loss of money is bad news. But it is a relief to finally end the Icelandic entanglement and the deal that was struck - which returns around 93% of the money invested - is a fair one. To hang on in the hope of getting more - as Cllr Ferguson wants - would mean waiting years longer and the chances of getting all our money back were slim. For one thing, we would have been likely to have been paid in Icelandic kroner, a currency which has slipped in recent years.

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