Monday, 3 February 2014

Cornish (Gateway) Services

A couple of people have commented to me about the apparent proposal to call the new service station just outside Victoria on the A30 "Cornish Gateway Services".

The problem is that the word gateway implies the entrance to Cornwall. So it would be fine as the name for facilities at Saltash, Launceston or Bude, but seems inappropriate when used in a location as close to the geographic centre of Cornwall as it is possible to be.

The fear of some in East Cornwall is that it gives the impression that the parts of Cornwall that the visitor has already travelled through don't really count as 'proper' Cornwall.

So I wrote to the company in charge of the new development asking them to change to a more appropriate name. They have come back to me to say that they will be using the name "Cornwall Services". It may still not be perfect, but it's a great step forward and I'm grateful to them. I've asked them whether it would be possible for them to talk to the Cornish Language Partnership about an even better name.

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