Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hogg loses his Chief Exec

Yesterday I caught up with the news that Devon and Cornwall's elected police commissioner, Tony Hogg, had accepted the resignation of his Chief Executive, Sue Howl.

Officially, Ms Howl, who was formally the chief executive of the former Police Authority and exerted a measure of stability on an otherwise chaotic new office, has left to pursue new challenges.

I'm concerned about that. It is only 12 months since Boss Hogg was elected and since then he has faced a number of dodgy headlines after a faltering start. So I have asked his office to clarify the reasons for the departure. Did she genuinely jump or was she pushed? And did she get any sort of pay-off? After all, if she has genuinely resigned to pursue other challenges then there will have been no golden goodbye, would there?

Unfortunately, Mr Hogg's office was initially unable to offer me anything other than the official press release. So I have been forced to submit a freedom of information request to find out the full story.

Watch this space...

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