Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cornwall Budget passes next hurdle

Cornwall Council's budget has passed its latest hurdle as the cabinet today voted unanimously to recommend it to full council at the end of the month.

The budget proposes a 1.97% rise in the Cornwall Council element of council tax. At a time when we are having to make £23.9 million of cuts in a single year, this proposal balances the need to protect services which assist the most vulnerable with the need to make sure we do not charge more than we have to, recognising that most households across Cornwall are still feeling the pinch.

As I blogged last week, we have been out to a massive consultation exercise - listening to residents, staff, town and parish councils, the voluntary and public sector, businesses and our councillors. We have taken some of the ideas that they came up with and amended our original plans as a result.

Of course, the Conservative group leader, Fiona Ferguson, continues to try to claim that consultation was a sham. She even claimed to quote from a tweet from my colleague Cllr Joyce Duffin in an attempt to 'prove' it. Unfortunately, this proved to be the second time in less than a week that Fiona has been caught making quotes up and she has been forced to apologise.

The full council will meet on 26th November to discuss and vote on the budget. Any councillors who wish to propose an amendment must submit it by the end of the week before.

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