Friday, 29 November 2013

Castle Street - a somewhat bizarre WMN article

I'm slightly puzzled by the Western Morning News report on the Castle Street chapel collapse which you can find here. The chosen angle appears to be that the council has threatened to pull the remaining structure down.

Of course the first priority of the council (and indeed of everyone else) is to make the site safe. Nobody can tell at this stage whether that means complete demolition or more limited action. We should find out more today. Having spoken to the council's conservation officer, I know she is looking to preserve as much as possible.

What the newspaper was told was that it would be up to the owners to do the works but if they couldn't do so then the council would take action. However the owners, through their agent, have done everything that could be expected of them and are taking full responsibility for the necessary works. This was communicated to the newspaper, yet they still chose to lead on the 'threat' angle.

The description of the site is somewhat more bizarre. The newspaper claims that the collapse scattered 'debris across a shopping precinct' and that the 'crumbling building left a gaping hole in a row of shops on a busy street'.

Anyone who knows the area will know that there isn't a shop for a hundred yards and that the area is mainly residential with just a couple of businesses (the Eagle House Hotel and dentists) in the vicinity.

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