Thursday, 28 November 2013

Castle Street latest

Various building surveyors as well as the agent for the site owners and the conservation officer have been inspecting the collapsed Castle Street chapel this afternoon. It looks like works to make the building safe will start tomorrow.

As things stand (and this can only be on the basis of an inspection from outside), it looks like the top half of the building will have to be brought down to make it safe. Once that has happened, the surveyors and other experts will decide if anything more needs to happen.

Cormac have been back to fence off the site. In the event that there is a further collapse then anyone outside the fencing will be safe. However, the site is exceptionally dangerous and so no one should consider going through the fencing as you risk serious injury or worse.

This, inevitably, means that Castle Street will remain closed for a while. The road down to Eagle House has been made two way on a temporary basis, but is narrow and so drivers should exercise a lot of care. The road past the Job Centre has also been temporarily designated as being two way to the junction with Castle Street.

I'll give a further update tomorrow.

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