Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Cabinet says yes to Bigger Bodmin

Cornwall's cabinet has voted in favour of building a 'Bigger Bodmin' office to save money for the council and bring new jobs to the town. We will now work with our partners in BT Cornwall as our first preference to fill spare capacity in the office.

The premise for the decision is that the council has a large number of staff housed in very inefficient old offices. In mid and West Cornwall, we have moved our staff into more efficient and bigger buildings. But in East Cornwall work has yet to start.

The former administration agreed a proposal to move the staff currently based in Bodmin into a single and more efficient office. But building bigger would save even more money for front line services and that is the ambition I have been proposing.

So the cabinet today agreed the proposal to build bigger with the preference to fill the spare capacity being our partners in BT Cornwall. At the moment, BT cannot give us a firm commitment, but they have indicated a desire to move in. As a back up plan, we have agreed we would offer the space to our other partners or to the private sector. Our aim is to maintain roughly our current presence in the other town in East Cornwall - Liskeard, St Austell and Wadebridge.

Of course, the Conservatives on the council think it is wrong to try to save this money (despite having done the same thing when they were in power). But, as ever, they couldn't come up with any alternative suggestions and no Conservative even spoke during our debate today.

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David said...

Pity we can't have some of this in Launceston, as we need the jobs and we've got the old tax office doing nothing.