Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tredydan Road re-surfacing

It's great that St Thomas Road, St Johns Road, Kensey Hill and the Pennygillam area have all been re-surfaced this year. They were roads that I had been campaigning to get done for some time on behalf of local residents.

The one road that we were still waiting for a date for was Tredydan Road. The first stage of works have now been confirmed for  9th-12th December.

The good news is that this will include works to the corner of Wooda Lane up as far as the 'no through road' sign, and round the corner into Treloar Terrace.

The bad news is that this is just first stage patching works to prepare for the full re-surfacing which won't be happening until some (unspecified) point in the new year.

These works will make the road a lot smoother and safer, but will not be the finished article. I will continue pressing for the council the schedule the full re-surfacing to take place as soon as possible.


lansonlad said...

Let's be honest Alex, Kensey Hill was "patched" and badly at that, signage is still littering the side of the road, gravel was left to washed in to the drains, contributing to the annual autumn blockages, and in places the patching is already lifting and potholes are forming, so let's not get to excited, after all like so much in,I've you get what you pay for.

Alex Folkes said...

That's a fair comment. I've asked the highways team to look at this. When a job is done, we deserve to have it done right.

Alex Folkes said...

Hi LansonLad

I've checked with the council. The current works are the first stage of two on the road. A surface dressing will be applied in the new year.

You are right about the signage and gravel, however, and I have asked the council to make sure that the signs are cleared away soon and that gravel is not left to wash away in the future, particularly not in a way that could block drains.