Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tory police boss cutting officers but padding his own staff

When they were established last year, it was promised by the Home Secretary that the new Police and Crime Commissioners would be a much cheaper alternative to the old police authorities. It seems that Devon and Cornwall's Tory Police Commissioner Tony Hogg hasn't got the memo.

On top of his £85,000 per year salary (admittedly, set for him, not by him), Mr Hogg ran up a bill of more than a quarter of a million pounds on consultants and agency staff in his first eight months.

He also charges the taxpayer £650 per month for accommodation even though a free alternative is readily available.

Now it seems that his overall staffing bill will be higher than the police authority he has replaced. And not just a little bit bigger. The increase is more than 12%.

Devon and Cornwall Police are cutting more than 500 officers across the region as part of the wider public sector budget squeeze. I think the public would expect that their elected police chief would be concentrating on preserving front-line policing rather than padding his office.

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