Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tory candidate's anti jobs, anti savings campaign

You can tell he is gearing up for a general election as Cllr Scott Mann is busy trying to argue against everything that his Conservative colleagues did when they were in power at County Hall. 
In the case of the proposal to build new offices in Bodmin, his colleagues were at least half right. By moving the current Bodmin-based staff to new offices, the council will save running costs immediately and recoup the building costs in just a few years. In other words, it will save taxpayers money.
As part of the new Liberal Democrat - Independent administration at county hall, I have been looking at a plan that would save even more money by building a bigger office in Bodmin. The scheme that has been developed would see staff numbers preserved in St Austell, Liskeard or Wadebridge - which has been a very legitimate concern for those towns. Instead, the spare capacity would be filled by our partners at BT Cornwall who will be bringing new jobs to Bodmin.
A scheme which brings new jobs to North Cornwall and save taxpayer cash has got to be a good thing for everybody. It's a shame that Scott and the Conservatives don't see it that way.

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