Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Filming Cornwall's council meetings gets the go ahead

A smaller part of today's Cornwall Council meeting was the formal go ahead being given for unrestricted filming of our proceedings.

Until now, broadcast media had to give the council 48 hours notice of a request to film and stills photography or any recording by the public was forbidden. Live reporting via social media such as Twitter was a grey area. We had, however, enabled webcasting of some meetings and this has proved very popular.

Now we have opened up access to our work. Apart from when meetings go into confidential session (only allowed in limited circumstances), any council meeting will be able to be filmed, recorded, photographed, tweeted or reported in any way that does not interfere with the conduct of the meeting. The only restriction that we make is that we won't allow the filming or photography of members of the public unless those people are speaking at or otherwise participating in the meeting.

I think this is a very positive step. We're running the scheme for 12 months to start with - just to make sure it works as we expect. But we want to make sure that the media and public can engage with us as much as possible.

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