Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Someone doesn't like a government policy. Grant Shapps goes OTT

Grant Shapps doesn't seem to understand that the worst way of downplaying a bit of news you don't like is to raise it up the news agenda by over-reacting.

A report by a UN functionary that nobody has every heard of before criticises the changes to housing benefit in the UK. Well that might not be great news for the government, but I would suggest the best way to counter it would be to re-state the policy or blind the media with detail.

Not Mr Shapps of course. His reaction is to write to the UN Secretary General to complain. And his biggest complaint seems to be that the report uses the term 'bedroom tax' rather than the government's preferred euphemism of 'spare room subsidy'.

It's no secret that not everyone thinks this reform is a good one (me included). An item on the Today programme that would quickly be forgotten has been blown out of all proportion by Shapps' actions.

It all reminds me of this:

"Dear Mr Echo..."

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