Monday, 23 September 2013

Cornwall Council reviews zero hours contracts

Cornwall Council will be reviewing the use of zero hours contracts as we seek to ensure that none of our staff are being exploited in their terms and conditions of work.

Cornwall Council has approximately 300 members of staff on zero hours contracts as well as 134 in schools and 20 within Cormac. These staff are employed mainly within three areas – registration services, adult education and the music service - where they enable the council to respond to fluctuating demand for services and avoids relying on agency workers.

While some workers appreciate the flexibility provided by a zero hours contract, we recognise that the fluctuating nature of the contracts does not provide the same financial stability and security as employment contracts with defined working hours.

We are concerned to ensure that our use of zero hours contracts operates in the mutual interests of the workers concerned, the council and, of course, council taxpayers and service users.

As a result some weeks ago the Cabinet initiated a review of the zero hours contracts inherited from the previous administration. Once completed, the results of this review will be considered by the Cabinet.

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