Tuesday, 11 June 2013

To tweet or not to tweet

A few people have asked me what my attitude to tweeting and blogging will be now that I am on the cabinet.

I'm keen to try to carry on using both platforms much as I have been until now - to give my personal views on the key issues affecting Cornwall as well (on twitter, mainly) to rabbit on about almost anything.

Being on the cabinet, there are lots of discussions which have confidential information. I'm not going to break that confidentiality. But where possible, I will be seeking to make that information public in the right way through the council's formal mechanism. I'm currently working on a revised media and communications strategy for the cabinet which will formalise our approach to getting information out and responding the requests for information. I hope it will be seen as a desire to engage as positively as possible and not hide away.

So I will blog giving my take on what has happened, but it is not likely to be the place to come for breaking news from within the council. 

As far as twitter is concerned, I won't be live tweeting cabinet meetings any more. Now that I'm a member of that committee, I'm going to be taking a greater part in discussions and won't have the time. But I know that there will be other councillors who will be doing so. Similarly, I won't live tweet meetings of the Finance and Resources PAC. I'll also tweet a bit less during full council meetings - on issues where I am the responsible cabinet member. But I don't feel such a constraint over other meetings where I don't have such a leading role - so I'll carry on tweeting during those when something interesting crops up.

But twitter is a useful tool for engaging with the real world and I've found that I am able to tweet whilst paying proper attention to the meeting at hand. Others may not have such confidence and they will have to decide for themselves how to approach the issue. Hopefully those who are skeptical about new and social media will continue to be converted!


Mick said...

Now that you are in power Alex your tone has changed remarkably - you and Cllr Wallis thrived on unearthing stuff that the council was doing before the council publicised it, i would love to see 1 or 2 opposition members taking on the mantle and pointing out all of the current administrations faults on a regular basis!

Alex Folkes said...

I'd be happy to have that scrutiny - whether as a blog or some other form