Thursday, 20 June 2013

Police Commissioner's quarter million pound consultants and agency staff bill

Devon and Cornwall's new Police and Crime Commissioner has run up a bill for consultants and agency staff of almost a quarter of a million pounds since he took office in November.

The spending includes payments to a 'senior advisor' who is the wife of a former navy colleague.

Police Commissioners across the country have been attacked over their spending on increasing full-time staff numbers for their private offices, but this is the first time I have seen any details of the amounts spent on consultants.

As soon as he was appointed, Devon and Cornwall's commissioner recruited a spin doctor on between £40,777 and £50,418. In addition, he took on all of the staff previously employed to run the Police Authority.

But whilst other commissioners have appointed Deputies on £60k salaries, our local commissioner has instead spent even more on consultants. These have included 'advisors on organisational change' and 'strategic human resources services' despite the very limited amount of change in staff compared to the old Police Authority.

In total, the amount spent in the six months since November is £235,925.62.

Of course, Cornwall Council is not a paragon of virtue when it comes to spending on consultants and agency staff. But the new administration has already set in motion a programme to cut these amounts and, where possible, transfer agency staff who are working for the authority on roles that will always be needed onto cheaper full-time contracts. Our spending in this area is going down.

Like the council, I can understand that the Police Commissioner might well need agency staff or expert outside advice from consultants from time to time. But these amounts - in just six months - are quite incredible.

You can find the details of all the Police Commissioner's agency and consultant payments here.

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R OB said...

Well done for publishing this outrageous waste of public money.
Keep up the good work (and its good to see that promotion hasn't gone to your head)