Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Matthew Taylor speaks out on problems of second homes in Cornwall

Full marks to (Lord) Matthew Taylor for his interview on Radio 4 this morning on the problems of second homes in Cornwall.

Among other things, Matthew advocated a cap on the proportion of second homes in some areas and called for change of use planning permission to be required when a primary residence was converted to become a second home.

Cornwall has a very high number of second homes and areas have suffered as a result. Many coastal communities have become so over-run with second homes that their viability as functioning villages has gone. The village post office, pub and school have gone and the village shop cannot really continue to exist when many homes are only occupied for two months a year.

The council has already ended the discount that second home owners get on their council tax and has ended the right to vote for occupiers of purely recreational second homes. We have also supported the idea that change of use permission should be needed when a primary residence becomes a second home.

Unfortunately, the government has so far failed to back our argument but we will continue to make the case and stand up for the viability of all our communities.

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Robert Ian Sully said...

Surely it was about DORSET not Cornwall, or did my ears deceive me?