Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Laurence Reed to broadcast from Cornwall Council call centre

Laurence Reed has accepted an offer to broadcast his show from the Cornwall Council call centre. The offer was made by Deputy Council Leader Jeremy Rowe when he appeared on today's show.

The council (in all its guises) often gets a bad press. One of the areas regularly in the news is the call centre. Whether it is the length of time it takes to get through or the outcome of the call, it is often the target of criticism. Like other areas of the council's work, sometimes this is justified, but usually it isn't. And it is often on Laurence Reed's show that such criticism is aired - in the main by callers who have had a bad experience.

Jeremy wanted to give Laurence the chance to see for himself what happens in the call centre - the scale of the operation and the sort of calls that the team there deal with. And, hopefully, he can talk to some of the callers himself, live on air.*

When a date and time have been arranged I'll post here.

*Of course callers to the council's call centre aren't expecting to talk to a journalist and so they would have to give permission before they would be broadcast.

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