Thursday, 13 June 2013

'Death Row' development gets unanimous thumbs down from town council

Launceston Town Council tonight voted unanimously against the planned development at Upper Chapel dubbed 'death row' because of the new cemetery extension which would be at its heart.

This was the best attended town council planning meeting I have yet seen and local residents spoke passionately about the problems they perceive with the plans. The chief concern was the highways issue with claims by the applicant that there would be just one more car per minute at peak times openly laughed at.

I'm not a member of the planning committee but I also attended and spoke on the issue to point out that the town framework group had extensively considered this area, as well as all others around the town. We had rejected only those areas we felt unsuitable for good planning reasons and this area was one such.

The applicants claim that Launceston is in desperate need of new housing. They are right to say this. But that is why the local community has identified the space for more than 2500 new homes over the next 20 years - far more than the 1500 that Cornwall Council says we need.

The developers admitted that they had received very negative feedback when they had a public consultation on their plans and that they had not altered them a jot as a result.

The next stage for this application is that it will go to Cornwall Council's planning committee. As soon as I have a date and venue I will post that here.

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