Tuesday, 18 June 2013

'At least' two years until Launceston medical centre is upgraded

It seems that Launceston will have to wait at least a couple of years until our medical centre is upgraded and able to cope with the demands being placed on it.

The story so far...

Launceston relies on one medical centre which is struggling to cope with the demands of the town and the surrounding area. Although they are trying, the centre is often unable to offer the appointments that patients want and has been one doctor down for some time due to long term sickness.

The medical centre wants to expand and has plans to buy land from Launceston Hospital. But that deal has been held up by the NHS reforms which saw the previous owners of the site (the Primary Care Trust) abolished and replaced with an NHS property company based in Bristol.

At tonight's town council meeting, the business manager of the practice, Peter Harper, assured us that the practice was doing all they can to make progress in the buying of land and the building of their extension. But, even so, the time until the practice is expanded and open is likely to be at least two years.

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