Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Time to say thank you.

Officially, councillors stay in office for a few days after the election. But I wanted to say a few thank you's on the last 'real' day of my term of office. Hopefully I will still have a job after tomorrow, but that is up to the voters.

I could go on longer than Gwyneth Paltrow at an Oscar ceremony, but I will keep it short and sweet.

Thank you to Mark O'Brien and Rosemary Stone who have run the Launceston Community Network. They have been invaluable in arranging meetings, organising events and liaising with (sometimes recalcitrant) officers. Without them, the role of a local councillor would be a lot harder. The only downside - Rosemary insists on bringing cake to meetings.

Thank you to Oliver Jones who is the regional highways engineer for Launceston. It is he who suffers my (almost daily) reports of potholes and requests for other changes to our road network. It's not his fault if things don't get done - there is usually no money available. But he never fails to make repairs when they can be done and to explain why not (when they can't).

Thank you to Richard Williams, the council's head of legal and in overall charge of all the excellent democratic services team. Richard is the officer I write to most often after Oliver. He has the patience of a saint. Which is very useful for a Wolves fan.

As I said above - there are lots of other people who have helped with many things - council staff, local groups and organisations, residents, business people and random strangers. Thanks to you all.

But if I had to name one organisation who get my 'boo hiss' award for utterly failing to do a decent job looking after the people they are meant to care about...

Step forward Elan Homes, developers of Kensey Valley Meadow, who have done a shockingly awful job in responding to the needs of residents there or my requests on their behalf.

UPDATE - One of my readers suggested that this post reads like I am not optimistic about the result in my division. Thanks for the concern! I never take voters for granted, but am hopeful of still being able to represent Launceston Central for another four years. I just think it is right to say thanks to the people who have done most to make my job possible so far.

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