Friday, 3 May 2013

Re-elected - thank you!

Big thanks to everyone who voted for me to remain the Cornwall Councillor for Launceston Central for the next four years. I got a rather 'North Korean' 70% of the vote.

I've had huge numbers of people give me good wishes and help me and the local team to campaign. So to all who signed my nomination paper, delivered leaflets for me and voted for me - many thanks. I really couldn't have done it without you. Many thanks too to Kris Roberts and Phil Tucker for standing and making it a contest. All politicians get nervous at election time, but without a contest the people aren't properly served.

Elsewhere in Launceston, Jade Farrington won Launceston South. She will take over from Sasha Gillard-Loft. Sasha has been a great colleague for the last four years and just failed in her bid to win the Altarnun division. I'm going to miss her presence on the council hugely. I'm going to have to learn more about planning now. And Adam Paynter was re-elected as councillor for Launceston North and North Petherwin.

Whoever you voted for (or even if you didn't vote), all three of us are here to served everyone in our town. Whatever your issue or concern, please get in touch and ask us for any help that you need.

Across North Cornwall, the Liberal Democrats made five gains taking Padstow, Poundstock, Bodmin St Petroc, Lanivet and Camelford. The Conservatives were left with just two seats.

The Lib Dems are now the largest single party in Cornwall with 36 seats. The Tories collapsed to 31 and there are 35 independents, 8 Labour, 6 UKIP, 4 Mebyon Kernow and 1 Green. No party has overall control and so the groups will have to work together for the good of Cornwall - a positive outcome in a way.

The biggest shocks of the day were the losses of former Council Leader Alec Robertson in Helston and sole Labour councillor Jude Robinson in Camborne.

I'll have a look in more detail at the results over the weekend. In the meantime, sleep beckons.


Mark Pack said...

Many congratulations. You give being North Korean like a good name!

Paul Walter said...

Well done Kim-il Alex! Great result across North Cornwall. I am particularly delighted by Poundstock. My parents made a difference!

Mavsyn Ridware said...

I don't support your politics, but this blog is excellent... and the best source of political info for Cornwall. Keep up the good work.

Sandy Angove said...

Pleased that you got back in again, Alex! And do keep blogging -I always enjoy your articles. Challenging times ahead for Cornwall Council..... don't envy you

Caron Lindsay said...

Brilliant news. Congratulations and well done.

PaulS said...

Alex, Understandably, you are happy to have gained seats for Lib Dems in Cornwall. Not such a good outcome for the people of Cornwall.

At a time when all sensible people see runaway Global Warming as the defining issue of our time, my Lib Dem competitor featured potholes as the main lure for voters!

She had nothing to say about the excellent proposed Good Energy wind and solar development at Week St Mary or the disastrous Incinerator project (or the much better, cheaper and more sustainable alternative, so eagerly ignored and later dismissed by the last Council).

I stood on a sustainability platform - the essential and urgent need to switch entirely from fossil fuel energy to renewables, which has certainly cost me 100+ votes in Week St Mary alone. Voters are apparently not yet ready to accept reality and instead vote for whoever promises to do 7 impossible things before breakfast.

By the time of the next election in 2017, it will probably be too late to reverse global warming. By then we will have passed the tipping point of no return in terms of CO2 equivalent ppm. So, its up to YOU now. If you seriously want to save Cornwall, i'd look at the manifestos of the Greens and MK for several really useful ideas... or maybe talk to me ...
Paul Sousek
Cottage Farm, Jacobstow

Mick said...


Congratulations on you re-election - your blogs are good however i do get tired of the constant finger pointing which can be very petty.

Anyway, when will we know who the leader/cabinet is? How does the system work, is it a case of the Lib Dems (as they have most seats) finding parties to work with to form a majority?