Thursday, 9 May 2013

On Collin Brewer

Yesterday, I was one of a number of councillors who met with disability campaigners at County Hall. The campaigners were protesting about the re-election of Collin Brewer to the authority after his well publicised comments about disabled children.

One of the councillors who spoke was my colleague Jade Farrington. Jade is disabled having had her left femur replaced with a metal prosthesis following cancer as a child. Jade said that she is deeply ashamed to be sharing a council chamber with Collin Brewer.

Jade went on to acknowledge that, having been re-elected by the voters of Wadebridge East, there is nothing that the council can do to 'sack' Mr Brewer. It is just a shame that, having done the right thing by resigning from the last council, he chose to put himself, the council and his comments back in the spotlight again by re-standing.

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