Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Joining the Cabinet (Part 2)

Yesterday I posted that I had joined Cornwall Council's cabinet. Now I can say what role I have been given within the organisation.

My job title is Portfolio Holder for Finance and Resources. Within this role are:
  • Finance (Cornwall Council has a gross budget of more than £1 billion per year)
  • Property (the council owns thousands of properties ranging from public toilets to office blocks)
  • Communications (including the media team, website and social media output)
  • Strategy and Policy (including the Council's business plan)
  • Legal and Democratic Services
  • Information Technology and ERP (ERP is the council's bespoke financial software project)
So it looks like I am responsible for everything from paper clips to twitter!

The other portfolios announced by the new Leader John Pollard are:
  • Jeremy Rowe - Deputy Leader, Localism and Devolution
  • Adam Paynter - Partnerships (including the BT shared services, leisure and libraries)
  • Judith Haycock - Health and Adult Care
  • Edwina Hannaford - Environment, Heritage and Planning
  • Bert Biscoe - Transport and Waste
  • Andrew Wallis - Children
  • Geoff Brown - Homes and Communities (including community safety)
  • Julian German - Economy and Culture 
You can see the full list of who is responsible for what here.

Many thanks for the trust placed in me by my electors, the Liberal Democrat group (who chose me as one of their cabinet members) and John (who gave me this job).


Mick said...


Congratulations, looks like an interesting portfolio to get your teeth stuck into, if you dont mind i have some questions: -

1 - if your portfolio is 'resources' why isnt Human Resources included?

2 - Why is Libraries under the 'partnerships' portfolio?

3 - Now that you are in power wil you (as promised pre election) reverse the cuts to frontline services that have/are happening i.e. adults, childrens, call centre, libraries etc?


Alex Folkes said...

Hi Mick
The division of responsibilities within portfolios is the responsibility of the Leader. We all have our input into this process, but ultimately the decision is his. I know that we were keen to ensure that the council's staff were not simply viewed as a 'cost'. Putting responsibility for HR in the finance portfolio ran the risk of this approach - it's the view taken by the last administration too.
As for libraries, responsibility has changed on a number of occasions since the old 'communities' directorate was abolished. I think the key is that the service has been specifically named to ensure it is not forgotten about.
Now that the budget has started, we will look at the implementation to make sure that we are delivering the best services in the best way.

DNP said...

Now we'll see if you are true to your words. Surprise us all!