Saturday, 13 April 2013

Why is traffic all backed up around Launceston...

For the past few days, traffic in Launceston has been pretty chaotic as there have been road works on St Thomas Road. These are happening to allow a pedestrian crossing to be installed on the hill and so that the pavement on the Newport Industrial Estate side can be widened.

Hopefully, the works will be finished in a few days, but traffic will continue to back up in the meantime.

At the moment there is no safe crossing between the Priory and the town centre. So people living in St Stephens, Lanstephan, Ridgegrove and Priory areas of town have to take their life in their hands if they want to walk into town. No wonder the car often seems the easiest option.

Sadly, the crossing that is being installed by the council is not the type that was asked for by local people. We wanted to see a pedestrian phase added to the existing traffic lights. But Cornwall Council refused this request and are simply installing a 'pedestrian refuge' type crossing a bit further up the hill.

A proper crossing is also being installed in a few months time on Western Road.

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