Saturday, 6 April 2013

Launceston Town Council candidates announced

Following a slight technical blip, the candidates for Launceston Town Council have also been announced.

There are a total of sixteen to be elected in three wards (using the same boundaries as for the Cornwall Council election).

In North Ward, there is only one nomination for the two places so Margaret Young is automatically re-elected.

In Central Ward, there are six nominations for the seven places, so all are automatically elected. They are Rob Tremain, Paul O'Brien, Dave Gordon, Ashley Crapp, Graeme Facks-Martin and, er, me.

In South Ward, there are ten nominations for the seven places. However, two of those nominations are people who also stood in Central ward - Paul O'Brien and Rob Tremain. Assuming that those two withdraw from this race with their place on the council secure, that leaves eight candidates for seven places and a vote on May 2nd.

The eight remaining candidates are: Susan Alfar, John Conway, John Harris, Brian Hogan, Brian Keighley, Leighton Penhale, Tony Sandercock and Kevin Wadland.

Following the election, the new council will look to fill the two vacancies - one each in North and Central wards - by co-option.

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