Friday, 19 April 2013

Launceston road repairs schedule revealed

I'm delighted to have been sent the provisional dates for the re-surfacing works around Launceston. A huge number of local residents have complained about the state of our streets. The potholes cause damage to cars and increase the risk of accidents.

Over the past three years, millions of pounds has been stripped out of the council's fund for road repairs and safety as the Conservatives and Independents have taken the money to plug other holes in their budget - mainly their disastrous car parking policy.

But the new budget, proposed by the Liberal Democrats and accepted by the majority of councillors, has an extra £2.5 million over the next two years to repair our roads. If the Independents, Labour and Conservative Leader of the council had their way, we would not be spending this money repairing our roads and the state of them would just be getting worse and worse.

The roads that are on the provisional schedule for re-surfacing are:

  • Western Road at the junction with Pennygillam roundabout - work commences 8th July for two nights;
  • St Johns Road - work commences 12th August for between three and five days;
  • St Thomas Road and Newport Square - work commences 7th October for up to 12 nights

Also on the list for work this year is Tredydan Road, but no date has been fixed for this yet.

As mentioned above, these are provisional dates. If there are emergencies in other parts of Cornwall (such as the Looe landslips) then these may be delayed. Equally, I will be pressing for work to be brought forward if at all possible. The constraints at this time are less about money and more about the people and equipment needed to do the job.

In the meantime, highway engineers will be filling individual potholes as quickly as possible. If you know of a pothole near you, please get in touch. Huge thanks to all the officers who have surveyed the roads and put together the schedule.


Mick said...


I have received the Lib Dem election leaflet in my door today and i wonder if you could explain 2 points for me which i think are misleading the elctorate......

1 - It says that the conservatives have wasted £8m refurbishing new county hall and this money could have been spen on protecting services. Surely the refurbishment is paid from from the capital budget which is completely different to the revenue budget that is used to fund services so the £8m couldnt be used for that. I also thought that the refurb enables the council to get fa more staff into the offices so they can actually save money bu selling others i.e. old county hall???

2 The leaflet says that the lib dem 0% council tax protects front line services so why arent you classing adult social care, childrens services, librariues, one stop shops and the call centre as front line services as your budget is cutting all of these??????

Please explain the above and justify to our electorate why the propoganda is misleading at best and complete lies at worst

Alex Folkes said...

Hi Mick
Afraid I haven't seen this leaflet - presume you are not in my patch. Could you let me know where you are and I will get hold of a copy and be able to answer you properly.

The revenue and capital budgets are not wholly separate. The capital budget is like a mortgage. We can borrow very large amounts but we still have to pay it back bit by bit as well as pay interest on the borrowings. Those amounts - in the main - come out of the revenue budget. So it is right to say that spending less on a capital project (whether office refurbishment or something else) would free up more money for frontline services (revenue spending).

As previously explained, our budget did not require any front line service cuts in the areas you mention. It was the choice of the current administration when they came to implement the budget to make the cuts there rather than making any cuts to consultants or other areas of profligacy.

Hope this explains

Mick said...

Thanks Alex, not quite sure your answer re the cuts is whooly accurate as reading the report/.watching the webcast is was made perfectly clear these areas would have to be cut to fund the lib dem budget. Anyway my prospective condidcate is simon rix in the bugle ward.

Thanks for the rersponse


David said...

Looking at your picture and thinking 'what no hi-vis jacket'. Elf n'safety!