Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Launceston Health Hustings (Do the Tories care about the NHS?)

This evening saw hustings organised by the campaign group 38 degrees in Launceston on the subject of health.

We have a good discussion about the new responsibilities that have been given to councils to work to improve public health. In addition, we talked about problems with the medical centre (and the lack of room to expand) and the recent closure of Launceston Hospital.

My colleague Jade Farrington was very firm in her desire to get the NHS Properties Division (who own the hospital land) and the GPs from the medical centre round a table together to sort out the problems that seem to be delaying the expansion of that facility.

We were also united in a desire to see the hospital back up to full working capacity.

Not surprisingly, there were differences of views. But I think all the candidates present valued the chance to chat about the worries caused by the changes to the NHS.

The problem was the lack of candidates present. Whilst all candidates from the three Launceston town wards plus Altarnun were invited, only six were there - three Liberal Democrats, two Independents and one Labour. No Tories and no UKIP thought it worthwhile to turn up to the only hustings of the campaign. Perhaps they don't care about the NHS and the new responsibilities of the council within it?


lanson rider said...
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John Conway said...

As one of those who did bother to attend I endorse your comments regarding those who didn't care enough to be there, although one or two did have a reason.