Friday, 5 April 2013

Cornwall Council candidates announced

Cornwall Council has announced the lists of candidates for the elections taking place on May 2nd.

In Launceston Central, I'm up against a Conservative from Whitstone and a Labour candidate from the other end of town.

Across Cornwall, there will be 103 Conservatives, 91 Liberal Democrats, 76 UKIP, 68 Labour, 26 Mebyon Kernow, 23 Greens, 1 'Liberal' and 90 candidates standing as independents.

But the pattern in North Cornwall is very different. Here there are 21 Lib Dems - one in every division. Up against us are 15 Conservatives, 7 Labour candidates, 10 UKIP, 3 MK, 1 Green and 11 Independents.

Interesting to note that John Keeling, until now an Independent councillor and chair of the Corporate Resources scrutiny committee, is standing as a Conservative in Breage. Also interesting is that George Trubody, who was a Conservative cabinet support member until he resigned citing work reasons, is standing again in Rame but as an independent.

In Launceston South, the presumed Conservative candidate (he was featured on their leaflets as recently as November) is standing as an Independent.


Mick said...


Im surprised to see so many UKIP candidates - adds an interesting angle to the elections.

Councillor Phil Tucker is an excellent councillor and a serious rival for your seat - he isnt someone who will just seek to point fingers at other parties, mock people and then propose a budget that is based on cuts to libraries, social workers, call centres etc - Tucker gets the vote for me.

On the bright side in the unlikely event that you do lose at least you will be able to not pay your council tax again!

Mavsyn Ridware said...

So, 91 Lib-Dem candidates in Cornwall. Curious then that you have no candidate in Probus division? But, hang on a moment, what about Bob Egerton who purports to be a 'Standalone' Independent? You must think the electorate very stupid to swallow this obvious stitch up. If it walks like a Lib Dem, quacks like a Lib Dem and is married to a Lib Dem etc.