Friday, 22 March 2013

The one where Sarah 'On Message' Newton comes unstuck

This afternoon I was in Plymouth to record the South West segment of the Sunday Politics Show. One of the other guests is Truro and Falmouth Tory MP Sarah Newton.

In the green room before the recording, we were discussing the fears that the new Home Buy support scheme could end up helping to subsidise the purchase of second homes - as I blogged yesterday.

Sarah declared that this was definitely not the case and that ministers had ruled it out. I agreed with her that there had been statements made by ministers that they would seek to exclude second home buyers, but that these had only come after the flaw in their original plans had been spotted.

Sarah declared that the Chancellor had been quite definite on this issue from the start. She could even prove it by showing me in the Budget Red Book (the official Treasury document with all the budget details) where it said that the scheme would only be for primary residences.

The trouble is that no matter how hard she looked, she couldn't find anything in the Red Book to prove her point.

So she declared that the statements were in accompanying guidance that was issued at the same time and was on her iPad. Strangely, she didn't attempt to show me that...

In other news, Sarah declared that the whole pasty tax shambles in last year's budget was spotted immediately by ministers and wasn't corrected straight away simply to set up a campaign so that the government could give ground. Hmm.

There is another 'Newton-ism' to blog about from the recording itself, but I will leave that until after the broadcast on Sunday morning at 11am.

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R OB said...

The Home Buy support scheme is yet another way of diverting more and more cash to the banks. They no longer have any interest in attracting depositors funds and no longer pay any interest to savers. The whole banking system borders on criminality and seems to be supported by all political parties including yours, Alex.
Until we curb the power of the banks we will continue inexorably on our journey to hell in a handcart ending in financial ruin.