Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New council tax support scheme will fail Cornwall's poorest

Back in January, Cornwall Council decided to impose a huge tax increase on 26,000 of the poorest working age families in Cornwall. As a way of mitigating the worst effects, the Conservatives announced that there would be an exceptional relief fund to help those who could not afford to pay. But nobody could have anticipated that the Tories would put a cap on the amount that any individual could claim.
When this poor tax was first imposed, the Leader of the Conservatives said she knew nothing about those affected. It's clear that none of her colleagues have bothered to find out since.
Liberal Democrats argued for the maintenance of the previous system because we know that there are many people in Cornwall who simply cannot afford to pay. But even having imposed the huge tax rise, there was still action that the Conservatives could have taken to protect the poorest of the poor. But they have failed to do that. Instead, they have guaranteed that thousands of families will hear the bailiff's knock on the door.


David Orr said...

Things run well and efficiently now at Cornwall Council. How can BT guarantee 197 jobs, invest more (Trading investment in bidding for new work – £1.9m plus £7.8m investment in transformation), make savings (£17.4m over 10 years) and run services more efficiently – and make a profit?

The Council says that BT will invest £157.5m in the partnership over 10 years, excluding an additional £16m spent outside Cornwall trying to win bids. The cabinet was told in a report that BT has made an “excellent offer”. But is it too good to be true?

It may be that all but one of Cornwall’s cabinet councillors, perhaps encouraged by council officers, have been naive. I hope I am proved wrong.

I do hope that BT didn’t employ that old (double glazing) sales trick of guaranteeing a price if deal signed before the end of March?

I struggle to understand that this deal could not wait 8-10 weeks for a new Council and a proper mandate.

Or were the deal proponents in the Council worried that a new Council might not be so keen to privatise valued in-house services?

Beware the Ides of Cornwall in 3-5 years time?

The grass is definitely greener in New Zealand!

Anonymous said...

Oh give it a rest Alex, your party budget has doomed us all, don't ever think we're going to forget it.

Mick said...

Hang on a minute Alex, i thought your super dooper new budget is promising an increase in council tax collection yet in this regard you are saying the poor staff have a cat in hells chance of collecting from these people who cant afford to pay - strangely your stories arent aligned - surely not another example of Lib Dem propaganda???? Lets not forget the last time the Lib Dems were in power - a budget that was always overspent, services in intervention, more waste than an incernerator could handle - no thanks Alex, we dont want to go back to the dark days and your recent displays have confirmed exactly why not.