Friday, 22 March 2013

It could be worse...

However much we might moan about the various failings of the Conservative-Independent cabinet on Cornwall Council, things could be worse. We could be in Torridge or Mid-Devon where the Conservative councils have sent out thousands of bills demanding a council tax increase of up to 17%. The bills are, of course, wrong and are having to be replaced.

Mid Devon has had enough bad publicity in the last week with their decision to abolish the rules of grammar and delete apostrophes from their road signs.

But now the council has sent out thousands of incorrect council tax bills and will have to go through the process again, leading to confusion and costing around £12,000.

According to the Western Morning News:
Conservative cabinet member for finance Neal Davey said the error was made by an officer and was "regrettable".

In Torridge, only 803 bills out of 30,553 sent out were right - a strike rate of just 2.6%. There too, the bills will have to be replaced at a cost of thousands of pounds.

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Blogwall Bugle said...

...and it usually is -

From Cornwall Council

'We are aware that there has been a technical issue affecting Council Tax and Business Rate bills dated 12 March and would like to apologise to anyone who has been inconvenienced as a result of this situation. An error with the barcode on those bills dated 12 March means residents who choose to pay their Council Tax or Business Rate bill at the Post Office or by Paypoint will be unable to do so. We will be sending out replacement bills as soon as possible to those affected. The barcode error will not affect those residents who opt to pay their bill at a Council One Stop Shops or through our Customer Contact Centre, our website or automated telephone service.

This was a production error for which we will be seeking to recover the costs of reprinting bills. Around 81,000 Council Tax bills - just under a third of the total number of Council Tax bills issued this month - which were originally dated 12 March will be reprinted for those residents who do not pay by direct debit. Last year, around 23,000 out of 294,000 households opted to pay their Council Tax bill at the Post Office or at a Paypoint outlet. Around 6,000 Business Rate bills will also be reprinted due to the barcode error.

We recognise that payments are due on the 1 April and will take into account any delays caused as a result of this error.'