Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cornwall Lib Dems launch election campaign 2013

Cornwall's Liberal Democrats today launched our campaign for the elections on May 2nd. We were joined at the launch in Bodmin by Tim Farron MP, the President of the Liberal Democrats.

This election provides a real chance for Cornwall to move away from the wasted years of the Conservative-Independent coalition. Instead, Liberal Democrats are offering a positive vision for Cornwall - cutting waste and investing in the services that the people of Cornwall want.

Our key messages in this election will be:
  • We will cut waste and inefficiency, not the services that local people rely on;
  • We will provide homes for local people;
  • We will repair our roads and keep Cornwall moving;
  • We will cut parking charges across Cornwall;
  • We will keep our streets clean and collect your rubbish and recycling or give you money back;
  • We will fight for Cornwall, lobbying the government to make life better for Cornish businesses and residents.
These campaign themes reflect the views of the thousands of Cornish residents who we have talked to over the course of the past four years. Liberal Democrat councillors and campaigners have been working hard all year round to get a fair deal for our local areas. It is all too easy to get wrapped up in the bubble of County Hall. We are determined to campaign for what residents think is important.

In the coming weeks, Liberal Democrats will be publishing a more detailed manifesto for Cornwall,  based on the themes outlined above

Tim Farron MP, President of the Liberal Democrats, said:

“Cornwall’s Liberal Democrats showed their courage and determination in winning with their budget alternative. As a result of the Liberal Democrats, Cornish residents will have a council tax freeze this year as well as seeing cheaper parking charges, more road repairs, action to tackle anti-social behaviour and a cleaner Cornwall.”

“Liberals and Liberal Democrats across the country have always looked to Cornwall for a lead. Since the days of David Penhaligon, Cornwall has led the way. At this election too, I and my colleagues will be looking forward to a very positive result from Cornwall.”

Cornish Guardian coverage of the launch is here.


grannyluvsdub said...

Can we have a budget statement to go with the more detailed manifesto? it seems only reasonable if you are asking us to vote for you

Mick said...

budget statement?!?!? yes look at their performance last time they were in power in Cornwall and their performance in the last few weeks - you will find their budget statement on the back of a fac packet!!!

Anonymous said...

You lot are finished, don't even waste your time :D