Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Choose Cornish Every Day (Cornwall Council excepted)

This St Piran's Day there is a new initiative launched encouraging people to buy more food and goods produced in Cornwall. The Choose Cornish Every Day scheme suggests that if everyone spent an extra £20 per year on Cornish produce, we would generate more than £10 million for the Cornish economy.

With the beef/horse meat scare, there is even more reason to choose Cornish food where you know the origin and supplier.

And buying your food from local shops and traders helps those businesses to stay trading, making sure that many of our villages and hamlets can remain viable communities.

So it's a great initiative.

Such a shame that Cornwall Council seems to be doing the opposite.

At County Hall in Truro there is a cafe which has been moved and renovated as part of the recent overhaul of the building. When it moved, a new multi-national company took over running the operation. Until recently they sourced all their fresh food, sandwiches and so on from Cornish suppliers.

But now they have changed that. All the sandwiches, salads, wraps, deserts and breakfasts will be imported, pre-packaged, from Heathrow on a daily basis.

I think that is a terrible move. Cornwall Council should be doing all it can to promote high quality Cornish food to our own staff, councillors and visitors, not mass-produced stuff with untraceable ingredients from a factory up the line. Was there no local company that could have run the cafe instead using local food and sustaining local jobs?

So please consider how much more of your weekly shop could come from Cornish suppliers and local shops and lobby Cornwall Council to do the same.

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