Friday, 15 February 2013

Launceston College Masterchef

There are some days when being a Cornwall Councillor is lots of fun. Today is one of them. I was a judge at the second Launceston College Masterchef competition.

We ate the work of six very talented year nine pupils (aged 13-14 in old money) who had been whittled down from 49 original entrants. All the food was of an incredible standard which is testament to the pupils, their parents and the staff at the college.

Each contestant had two and a half hours to produce a two course meal of main course and dessert. We got two fish pies of the highest order, a vegetarian moussaka with home made flatbread, Thai fishcakes with an incredible dipping sauce, chicken wrapped in parma ham and a traditional Polish meal with breaded Turkey escalope.

For dessert, there were a couple of cheesecakes, a meringue with limoncello cream, a chocolate cake, a tiramisu and a shortbread with cream.

There were truly exceptional elements within each of the meals we were given and it was really hard to make a decision. As you might expect, I had to take a second, or even third, pass just to make up my mind.

Many thanks to the college for inviting me and to the town's youth council and Hockridge and Stacey for sponsoring the event. Congratulations to all the entrants for the passion they showed and their immense skills. (Yep, I'd quite like to be a judge next year too!)

If you want to know the results and the name of the winner, check out next week's local papers.

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