Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cash without question - the Tory PPC and his non-job at taxpayers' expense

The new Conservative PPC for North Cornwall has some explaining to do. Scott Mann is currently taking thousands of pounds from taxpayers for a non-job that takes up just a few minutes of his time each year.

Cllr Mann is Chairman of the Regulatory Committee of Cornwall Council and receives £2385.82 per year as a 'special responsibility allowance'. He was elected chairman at a meeting which lasted just 8 minutes on July 5th 2011.

Since then, the committee has met just once more on July 2nd 2012 (when Mann was re-elected). That meeting lasted barely any longer than the first. Yet Cllr Mann continues to receive his extra allowance.

Last week, Cllr Mann voted, with most of his Conservative colleagues, to impose a council tax rise averaging £265 a year on the poorest 26,000 working age families in Cornwall.

So the question is, does the new Conservative candidate think it is right to be taking taxpayer cash when there is virtually no work to do and will he hand back the £3500 or so he has taken in that time?


Phil said...

If you take a trip down memory lane to Radio Cornwall journalist Graham Smith's February blog you'll discover that Councillor Mann was going to raise this one with the leader of the council.

No doubt the ten minutes spent chairing his committee in July 2012 didn't leave him enough time to follow up on this promise.

Mike Drew said...

Doesn't Cornwall have an independent panel which looks at Councillors' allowances and make recommendations? South Gloucestershire's panel downgraded the Chairs allowance from £5,500 to £3,500 the year I took the office and that involved about 150 engagements during the year including chairing the Full Council meetings (about 5 during the year).

Alex Folkes said...

Yes Mike, CC has an independent panel. But there is a difference between what the panel thought each committee (and therefore chair) would and and what they actually do.