Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tories propose cuts to community chest funding of more than half

The Conservative led Cornwall Council has just published its draft budget for the coming year. I'm going through the details and I'll blog the key bits as I come to them.

One of the first cuts that jumps out at me is the proposal to cut by more than half the community chest funding that each councillor gets to give to good projects in their local area. The plan is to cut this money from £2195 to £1037 each year. That's a cut of 52.8%.

(The £2195 figure was itself a cut. It was meant to be £3000 a year with a lower figure for the first year because councillors took up their posts part way through the year. But, in typical Conservative fashion, once the cut was made, it was never restored.)

So what is likely to be the result of such a cut? Each councillor uses their community chest money slightly differently.

I have used mine to help start new projects like the Love Launceston Loyalty Card, Launceston Foodbank, the new Debt Advice Service and to start up the residents association at Kensey Valley.

I have helped organisations with new projects including buying new headguards for Launceston Boxing Club, helping a group of people with learning disabilities to learn gardening with the help of the Eden Project and buying basic materials to help a group of older people take up art.

And I have stepped in to help plug the gaps when things our town relies on have been short of money including putting money into Launceston Christmas lights and ensuring that grit bins were filled up after a developer left them almost empty.

So if the Conservatives get their way, much of this sort of thing won't be possible in the future either in Launceston or other parts of Cornwall.

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