Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Labour confirm they have given up on Cornwall

It's just confirming what everyone in Cornwall suspected, but the Labour Party have today announced that they have given up any hope of winning an MP in Cornwall at the next general election. The real battle, as always, will be between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

It is unusual for any political party to make public their list of target seats - those they think they can gain at a general election. But today Labour did just that - listing 106 seats across the UK that they will be trying to add to their current total in 2015. It is almost certain that they won't win all of these of course and they wouldn't need all of them to form a majority in any case. But these are the seats they think they have a hope in.

But what stands out for me is that there are no Cornwall seats in the mix - and only one in Devon that they hope to add to the two they already hold in that county.

So despite claiming to be in with a chance in Camborne, Redruth and Hayle last time, Labour have now admitted that they cannot win there. That seat, like the other five, will remain a close battle between the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives. Each party currently holds three of the MPs.


Jude Robinson said...

Bollock, Alex :)

ray hancock said...

That is a shame.... It is fun beating Labour... Though there is no way we can allow the Conservatives and the "we don't know what we doing, so we will pretend to be Tories" Independents another term. Cornwall and the people couldn't survive.... So it's over to you Alex and the team to save Kernow.