Thursday, 10 January 2013

Grant Shapps should get his own house in order

This morning, Tory Party chairman Grant Shapps took to the airwaves to claim that Labour MPs had written a report calling for councillors to get higher allowances simply because the party would get more money from the tithe they operate.

Of course, there are any number of things wrong with his premise. The tithe is a voluntary donation - it has to be by law - and all parties do it to one extent or another. The report by the Commons Local Government Select Committee was written with unanimous cross party support and the Government parties have a majority on the committee.

But what's this? It seems IPSA, the organisation responsible for MP pay, has commissioned a survey of MPs and members from all parties think that they should be paid more themselves. And Conservative MPs are the the greediest of the lot, calling for a 50% pay rise.

Perhaps Mr Shapps should look to get his own house in order before trying to lecture others.

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