Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Devonwall defeated!

Congratulations to the House of Commons for voting by a large majority to kick plans for a cross-border Devonwall constituency into the long grass until at least 2018. This finally puts paid to David Cameron's plan for boundary changes before the next election.

The Commons were voting on whether to accept or kick out a House of Lords amendment proposed by, among others, Lib Dem Chris Rennard. That amendment stated that no boundary changes could take effect until 2018 at the earliest.

All three Cornish Lib Dems voted in favour of the Lords amendment and against Devonwall. I understand that Tories George Eustice and Sheryll Murray definitely voted in favour of Devonwall. I don't yet know about Sarah Newton. UPDATE - The Hansard report makes clear that Sarah Newton voted for Devonwall too.

Despite endless attempts to buy off the Lib Dems and the smaller parties, David Cameron eventually lost the vote by 42.

Whilst this is very good news, there will be boundary changes in time and the fight is now on to recognise Cornwall as a region worthy of protection. However the boundaries might change within Cornwall, they should never cross the Tamar.

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