Monday, 21 January 2013

Council set to move Carn Brea running track to Par?

It seems that Cornwall Council is once again trying to asset strip a community and get rid of valued sports and leisure facilities.

Two weeks ago, the communities scrutiny committee was meant to be discussing plans relating to the Carn Brea leisure centre. We postponed the discussion because the papers were only tabled at the last minute. The debate will now take place later this week.

It appears that the Council wants to sell off the land around Carn Brea leisure centre, including the land currently occupied by the running track.

Although I think it is regrettable to separate the running track from the leisure centre, I could understand the case for doing so if the land is the subject of a huge bid from a developer and there was a commitment to re-provide the lost facilities in the same general area within a very short period of time of the land being sold (ideally provide the new track before the old one is ripped up). In such a case, the local community would still have the same facilities but Cornwall Council would also have a profit from the sale.

Except that Cornwall Council has been caught out. They are admitting that they might take the cash from the sale and use it to upgrade the facilities at the only other public running track in Cornwall 29 miles away at Par.

Cornwall Council's Conservative led cabinet has a history of abandoning local leisure facilities in Camelford, Bude and Penzance. It seems Carn Brea is just the latest example.

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